Working with animals

If you ask many young children what they would like to do when they leave school, then becoming a vet is probably a popular choice. However, in order to become a vet, not only do you have to study science A levels and achieve the very best grades, you then need to find a much coveted place at university or at a veterinary school.

There are lots of other jobs for people who are keen to work with animals.  These include working in a pet shop, becoming a veterinary assistant, pet sitting and dog walking, grooming horses, becoming an RSPCA inspector or working as an animal trainer among many others. For young people, the best way to obtain a post involving work with animals is to gain work experience, paid or voluntary, and to also work towards qualifications in animal care. Most local further education colleges will offer courses in animal care resulting in either a BTEC or a diploma qualification. Entry requirements vary so it’s a good idea to research various courses online or at a local library beforehand.