Why should I use a recruitment agency?

If you are in your forties or fifties and suddenly find yourself looking for employment after working for the same employer for 20 or 30 years, then signing up with a recruitment agency may seem a little alien to you. However, whatever your age, there are many advantages to finding work through a reputable agency.

  • Many jobs, which are found advertised in recruitment agencies, are not available elsewhere.
  • Recruitment agencies will offer help and advice on job vacancies and will have established valuable contacts with employers.
  • Most agencies will offer training to brush up on dormant skills or to help you develop new skills.
  • They will offer advice on interview techniques and help you construct a noticeable CV and will actively search for a vacancy that will suit your own specifications.
  • You may find that it is beneficial to take up temporary work whilst looking for something more permanent and a recruitment agency will help with this.

For those searching for work, it is free to use the services of an agency.  When you turn up for the first time, do dress smartly and make sure you are prepared for questions.  If you expect an agency to help you find employment, then you must give a good impression to show that you are eager and willing to work. It is also important to be honest and realistic with agency staff so that they can find the best job which matches your skills, ability and needs.