What to include on a CV

It can be difficult knowing what exactly to include in a CV, especially if you haven’t ever written one before.

Start off with your personal details: name, address and phone numbers.

Then include a short paragraph of approximately 50-60 words for your personal profile.

The next section should include employment history and work experience. List your current job or most recent job first and then work backwards.

Next include education and training details. Like the employment section, you should start with most recent qualifications first and then work back to school exams and results.

After this, you can write about your interests and achievements. Try to include items which will be especially relevant to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for work in hospitality where you will be meeting and greeting the public, it is advisable not to dwell on lone activities!

The next section is for any additional information. Here you might want to explain any employment gaps, perhaps for travelling or for family reasons. You could use this section to mention holding a clean driving licence or the ability to speak any foreign languages.

The final section is for References. It is perfectly acceptable to write “Personal references available on request”. However, if you do list referees, state their relationship to you. For example, department supervisor or Year 11 tutor.