What is a personal statement on a CV?

A personal statement or personal profile is usually sited just under your name and contact details at the top of the first page of a CV. This is the first section that a prospective employer will read and it’s important that you get it right and that it makes a good impression on whoever is reading it.

The personal statement paragraph should be no longer than 3 or 4 sentences long, a maximum of about 50-60 words, and it should advertise your main selling points in a nutshell. Give a brief overview of who you are and the personal qualities that you are able to offer. Refer to skills which are necessary for the position advertised – it’s a good idea to cross reference with the job specification. Finally, give a brief outline of any previous experience which will be relevant to the job on offer.

The personal statement should be concise, not rambling or waffling, and it should entice the reader to want to continue reading and find out more about you by reading the rest of your CV.