New year, new job

Although many people find January a rather depressing time of year; a time which can feel “flat” after the vibrancy and liveliness of the Christmas period, for others, it is seen as a time to make changes and this may include looking for a more rewarding and challenging job.

You can help yourself to do this by staying positive about your ability and available jobs. A positive outlook on life needs to come across well on your application form and at interview. Don’t gush, but do be enthusiastic about what you enjoy doing and how you think you will be good at a new job. Make sure you’re looking smart too. The new year may be time to invest in a new style of clothes and a new haircut.

Do look over your CV. You may need to update information and include more recently acquired skills. Have a look at transferable skills which may help especially if you are considering a change in career or want to try something different.

The new year is a good time for brushing up on rusty skills or for learning something new. Many local colleges may offer night classes in improving computer skills or in updating first aid training or even in improving foreign language skills.

Finally, think ahead.  When applying for jobs, do a little research into the the company to which you are applying and the job which you are hoping to do.  Think about your interview and even practise answering typical interview questions in front of a mirror.  You may feel a little silly but this could pay dividends later.