Looking for New Employees By Yourself or Outsourcing to a Recruitment Agency – A Comparison (pt 2)

If you’re trying to find new staff then it can be a difficult and time consuming process. In instances where people looking for a job in your business aren’t easy to find, or whom don’t fit your job description closely enough, then going to a recruitment agency could be your best option.

A recruitment agency has a number of advantages over an in-house recruitment program, even if the cost can be a negative in the eyes of many businesses. As a business, your ability to recruit depends largely upon there being a big supply of potential staff members, but a recruitment agency is less limited in situations where this isn’t the case. They have a greater understanding of the various job seeking forums around; they have an understanding of how to find and approach people who are in work but unsatisfied; and they’re more likely to be approached by these people as well.

The cost of recruitment can be quite high, but there are a number of insurance methods which most recruitment agencies provide so that any money you do spend with them is guaranteed to be spent wisely. Often times, the money you pay a recruitment agency is dependent upon how long the employee lasts in the position; so if you employed somebody expecting one thing only to discover the reality of their abilities is completely different to those expectations, letting them go as quickly as possible could mean massive savings with your recruitment spending.