Looking for New Employees By Yourself or Outsourcing to a Recruitment Agency – A Comparison (pt 1)

There are a number of pros and cons when it comes to looking for employees by yourself and going to a recruitment agency for help. As a business, it is understandable why you’d want to avoid going to a recruitment agency for as long as possible, as recruitment can be a costly venture. Meanwhile, going to a recruitment agency can massively increase your chances of finding highly qualified, ideal staff members.

It is understandable why businesses want to avoid spending money on recruitment, but deciding on whether it is necessary can be quite a complex decision. You know if it is avoidable by how competitive the employment market is in your industry; if it is very competitive then you should be able to find a lot of people looking for work and it will be quite easy to find potential employees, meanwhile if it is uncompetitive then most of those in your line of work will likely already be employed, so it can be very difficult. In the event of an uncompetitive employment market, making as much noise as possible is the best way to get people through the door, which likely means hiring a recruitment agency.