Indeed Advertising – How to Use and Why

Indeed advertising is a type of advertising where you pay money in order to place a job opportunity (an advert) on there search results. Every time that link gets clicked you get charged a certain amount of money based upon a number of criteria, mainly competition. It is worth bearing in mind that you don’t need to pay to appear on indeed, only to make your sponsored jobs more prominent at the top of search results.

For recruiters and recruitment agencies indeed offers some truly invaluable opportunities. It is effectively the principle method of advertising jobs online, as most people looking for jobs will tend to visit a place like indeed to see the jobs available which are specific for them

It is valuable for both job seekers and recruiters because it focusses exclusively upon the employment market. This means that more specific information can be provided than could be found through a search on a typical search engine, and even when compared to more traditional methods of advertising jobs, such as in newspapers, more information can be provided.