How To Find The Perfect Teaching Job In Oxfordshire

Whether you are unhappy in your current school, a newbie looking at the world of education with wide eyes and a hopeful grin or about to jump into education as a second-career seeker, you are entitled to work in a place that “gets” you and wants what you have to offer.

But remember, in today’s extremely competitive job market, teaching jobs Oxfordshire are few and difficult to come by. There are many qualified candidates. Teaching is one of the most fulfilling and stable jobs. Even though the job market is really tough, there are candidates who will still “win” the coveted few teaching job in Oxfordshire advertised every single year. Your goal is not to take the first job that is offered, but to get offered a job that will make you happy.


If you know you want to be working with a specific sub-set of learners, you can consider getting an endorsement or special training in a specific area of ESL, such as Business English, or Young Learners. Don’t jump to conclusions

You won’t of necessity be happier or good supported in an institution with a string of “exceptional” Ofsted reports. Do not ever assume “particular measures” are too avoided; intuitions in challenging situations often have the nearly all committed and meticulous teachers who will motivate and hearten you.

Prepare for the search

Before you begin searching for the available teaching jobs Oxfordshire, there are a few things you must do. First and foremost, know the requirements of the state you are looking into. Remember, each state or school sets its standards for teachers and is need to make sure you have the perfect credentials. Contact the state’s board of education or visit the state pages to make sure you have the necessary degrees, experience and licensure. If you hope to be working the fall after you graduate, it is best to start your job search as soon as possible. The interview or hiring process may be lengthy since there are often a number of interested candidates for every single position available. Most institutions will offer all capable individuals a first interview and then start on the procedure of elimination which a number involve numerous more call back interviews.


Increasing numbers of teaching applications are handled by agencies, including those for permanent posts. Registration with an agency when looking for teaching jobs Oxfordshire involves submitting your CV or application form followed by a meeting with the employment agent.

Compile a List of References

Most employers ask for a list of references, but you should only submit one if you are asked. Your list should include the name, title, employer, business address and contact information of people with a thorough understanding of your professional abilities, performance and experience.


Although it is extremely competitive to win a teaching position in Oxfordshire, it is not impossible. You have to be completely prepared for a teaching career. You need a apparent understanding of the teaching application process from preparation of effective professional documents to presenting persuasive interviews. In conclusion, keep in mind that getting a better job depends to a positive extent on your fate. While one cannot control his or her luck, they can certainly be as ready as possible with an effective job search plan to increase your chance of landing a teaching position.