Are Job Referrals Helpful For Job Seekers

Those of us in employment are lucky, there are others out there that are struggling to find employment. But did you know, those of us with a stable job, can help out our friends by giving them job referrals? You may think this is a silly idea and wonder how on earth it is going to help, but they are beneficial.

If you put in a good name for your friend who is actively looking for employment to your manager they are more likely to contact them if they have a job offer. They are also more likely to employ them should they come to an interview for a position. This is because of the reference you gave them and how good you made them seem for the job. This can help your friends who may be struggling to find employment.

It’s also good to know that some companies even offer employee benefits when they find someone for a job through job referrals, so do keep this in mind as well.

Do Businesses Know You Are Job Seeking?

Looking for work can be a daunting process, with a lot of people believing that they can only gain work by applying for jobs posted by employers. But this is not the case, you can make local businesses aware that you are job seeking.

By making businesses aware that you are looking for work, you are more likely to gain communication from them. Some businesses will even contact you when they need extra help and are looking for an employee. This means you could receive this information before they even post a job listing. Some smaller businesses rely on this, so it is always worth going in and having chat to see if you can gain employment.

It is easy to make businesses aware that you are job seeking. this can simply be by handing over your CV or communicating with some workers within the business. All of these ways will help you to gain employment faster.

Is Working With Friends The Best Idea?

When you are looking for work, it can be easy to want to follow your friends and work in the same business as them. Or you and your friends may decide to set up your own business working closely together. But, is this always the best idea?

The truth is, working with friends can be one of the worse things you can do. Especially if you decide to run a business together. The working life is extremely stressful and can put a lot of pressure on your friendship. Sometimes being in the same working environment can cause friendships to break and become lost. This is unfortunate when you have spent so long making this friendship.

It is ok to create friends in a working environment. But going somewhere purposely to be with your friends is never a good idea. Making friends in the environment will help you to cope with the stress. But if you were friends before working together, you will find your friendship suffers.

Should you Try to Negotiate a Higher Wage?

Wages – it is never an easy subject to talk about, especially before you begin a job! You never know whether you will be overstepping the mark if you try to negotiate a wage, and whether or not it will be detrimental to you being offered the job.

If the salary you are looking for is a long way above the amount the company is offering, it is probably best not to try to negotiate a higher wage. However, it might also be worth considering whether you should, in fact, apply for the job in the first place, because you could well be over qualified.

If you are looking for a slightly higher wage, it is often worth asking if the company will be willing to pay it. This shows confidence, and shows that you know your worth in the market. If applying via a recruiter, you could first ask them for their opinion on the wage.

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

An interview is your chance to show what you can do and also let employers know about your unique personality. You will be able to sell yourself and give yourself the best possible chance of getting the job. Here are some ways to make sure you show yourself off to your full potential in an interview:

  • Be friendly and personable. A potential employer needs to know that you will fit in with the existing team. Show that you are a people person.
  • Prepare for the interview. The interviewer will be impressed with your company knowledge and will be pleased that you have carried out plenty of research.
  • Ask questions. This will make you look genuinely interested in the role. Don’t ask generic questions – ask the questions that occur to you throughout the interview, as well as the questions you have formulated beforehand that show your knowledge and passion for the role and the field.