How To Find The Perfect Teaching Job In Oxfordshire

Whether you are unhappy in your current school, a newbie looking at the world of education with wide eyes and a hopeful grin or about to jump into education as a second-career seeker, you are entitled to work in a place that “gets” you and wants what you have to offer.

But remember, in today’s extremely competitive job market, teaching jobs Oxfordshire are few and difficult to come by. There are many qualified candidates. Teaching is one of the most fulfilling and stable jobs. Even though the job market is really tough, there are candidates who will still “win” the coveted few teaching job in Oxfordshire advertised every single year. Your goal is not to take the first job that is offered, but to get offered a job that will make you happy.


If you know you want to be working with a specific sub-set of learners, you can consider getting an endorsement or special training in a specific area of ESL, such as Business English, or Young Learners. 

Don’t be afraid to move about

Some employers will love seeing a CV with just a few long-term roles on there, rather than a CV packed with different roles and experiences. Why you ask? Well, it tells them that you’re loyal and in it for the long haul. That said, other employers will like to see a CV with many different roles and experiences, this can tell them that the individual is not the type to get comfortable, and is an individual who will do anything and everything to develop and pick up more skills.

When you’re young, so let’s say 18-25, you’re likely to move about a little before you find the job that’s right for you. You won’t know where you’re heading and what you want to do if you don’t get out there and work at different companies. You can build confidence this way, and combine all of the things you’ve learned and dealt with to push forward.

If you have a CV with lots of short-term jobs and gaps, this can be problem, but only if you’re unable to explain why you took the route you did. Was you doing work experience at that time? Was you taking time out to travel? There may be good reasons for gaps, but they’re always explainable and so too are short-term positions. Just don’t make a habit out of moving, because if it’s still the case when you’re 30, questions may be asked.

Showing hunger, not desperation

When you hear back from a prospective employer and you’ve been offered an interview, it’s normal to start thinking about the questions you will have to answer. The only problem is, you can’t predict the questions that will come your way, and there will always be an element of surprise. Researching the company is something recruitment agencies will always tell you to do, but again the interviewer may not care how much you know about their business, after all, there will be time for you to learn if you do get the job.

So what should you prepare for? The easiest thing to prepare for is how you present yourself and how you allow your personality to shine though. You should show you’re hungry for the role, and not just desperate to get a job. You shouldn’t have to lie to get a job, but you should know how to talk in a way that shows you care about developing in their setup, and helping their company piush forward. When you’re asked a question, think about how you can answer in a way that sells you and your skills. Prepare for this by picking out previous experiences that are relevant to this role. Use them as fuel, to give your answers more substance.

Becoming a Supply Teacher in Hillingdon

Sometimes staying in the same place for a couple of years may not be one of your choices, but you find yourself into it just because you are on permanent employment. You actually feel that you are missing out on the social and cultural dynamism that the world out there has to offer or probably you are looking forward to staying in a particular place but you can’t make it. Imagine you can go around all this whole issue by venturing into supply jobs. In the UK most teachers are now considering Supply Teacher Jobs Hillingdon. This article explores various reasons that make this teachers choose supply teaching instead permanent teacher job.

  1. Work Study Programs.

Most teachers still have that feeling that they have not had enough of books or probably want to further their education to a much higher level. This is catalysed by the presence of numerous universities around Hillingdon. This makes them to seek time for their master’s programs away from the busy school schedule but at the same time earn some income to meet their requirements. It is for this reason that they consider supply teaching Hillingdon so as to get free time to further their studies.

Education – Finding Career, Curriculum and Role of Recruitment Consultant

Education is very important in every society, however, it is not specifically lucrative sector. Most opportunities in this sector involves teaching, professional training, and lecturing. In addition, there are other roles that the sector offers, including administrative and infrastructural. In some instances, the education recruitment agencies may list other roles such as nursery nurses and exam invigilators as well. Teaching can be challenging in some situations, and calls for patience, but teachers find the job interesting and rewarding nevertheless.
Finding Teaching Vacancy
Education recruitment can be a daunting process, but very critical. It is advisable to research more about the school by looking at their school results, ofsted reports, prospectus and the institution website. You may consider visiting the training centre in order to get an opportunity to speak to the students, experience the dynamics within the institution and interact with the staff. This will help you know the kind of the candidate the organisation is looking for.
Remember you need to have the capability to motivate and inspire, outstanding communication skills and clear understanding of the matter being taught. To be a teacher, you need to meet the set requirements and qualifications. Some of the requirements involves completion of several exams, advanced degree qualifications and specific training courses. Educators start their profession in student teaching positions, which are same as paid apprenticeships. They are awarded salary boost when they complete their entire training.