Asking Your Boss For Further Career Opportunities

One of the risks with getting comfortable in a professional position is that your career could end up stagnating, with you getting neither additional training or opportunities to better your career. You have a few options if you’ve found yourself in this position, such as looking for additional expertise in your career outside of work, changing your career entirely, or what would be my best recommendation; asking your employer for advice on what you can do.

Employers can also grow satisfied with somebody who is doing a great job in their current position, so it can be important that you indicate that you are looking forward to additional responsibilities and promotions and wage increases. This display of ambition needs to be managed, as you don’t want to come off as too strong, but it is absolutely necessary.

Some businesses will offer you training courses where you can learn new skills and more expertise in your field, while others will give you more responsibilities and see how you handle it. It really just comes down to what the business model is, but remember, you still need to ask your boss for more opportunities to develop.