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Welcome to Friendsreunitedjobs.co.uk, where we can provide you with the information and advice about jobs, your career, training and recruitment (from the perspectives of both businesses and those looking for a job) that you need. Click on one of the following links to find out more about the subject you’re interested in:

The Team – Friendsreunitedjobs.co.uk is run by a group of people who have experience in the recruitment, education and business sectors, ensuring that the information that is provided is of the highest quality and highly actionable. Our goal is help you find your dream job, and then give you the knowledge you need to advance beyond that; achieving greater career progression.

┬áTips for Job Seekers – Looking for a job can be difficult, time consuming and stressful, but with our tips on the matter you could find the situation far more manageable. There are a lot of things that you should know (but probably don’t) about how you can increase the likelihood of success at any point of the job vetting, be it writing CV which will be well received, preparing for your interview, how you should behave in an interview, or getting through your probationary period after succeeding in all of that.

Tips for Advancing your Career – Jobs which offer a lot of career advancement are basically guaranteed to see a large proportion of young people applying for the job. It is actually pretty rare to see and equally hard to get to any meaningful degree, even when it is offered. This is because to continue to advancing your career, at least to beyond a normal yearly pay-rise, basically means that you’re going to have to take on more responsibilities, which itself may require even more training. This doesn’t even mention the work you’ll have to put into getting an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. Still, in order to get a promotion you’ll need to be enterprising and interested in learning new skills.

Tips on Filling a Position – The chance of recruiting new staff which match your job description is a complex process and difficult task, but with some advice on how to use the resources which recruitment agencies use you can certainly tip the odds in your favour. This information is clearly important for businesses looking for new staff (and even many recruitment agencies), but you may be surprised to learn how useful much of the information is to the average job seeker. Knowledge is power, and understanding the process by which you may get recruited into a job can leave you in a better position.