Flat Fee Recruitment Options for your Business

Recruitment is a booming industry, but it has got itself a reputation as being a little expensive. Some businesses, especially smaller businesses, have become suspicious of using a recruitment agency because they don’t want the costs associated with it. If you choose a flat fee recruitment option, then this takes away the worry of how much it is all going to cost. Flat fees make sure you know what you are paying upfront, so costs won’t spiral out of control, allowing you to make the recruitment decisions that are right for your business.

How do you know that the option you choose is a flat fee recruitment option? 

It isn’t always easy to work out exactly what is expected of you in terms of the fees you will be paying. Recruitment agencies may not be upfront about their costs. However, if an agency offers flat fees, then this will usually be one of their main selling points and they will be happy to tell you all about it. Their website will usually have details of their recruitment options, so you know what everything will cost from day one.

If a recruitment company offers a single, flat payment, then they will usually have packages. These packages will outline exactly what you will get and exactly how much you will be paying. Check these over thoroughly and pick the option that includes the recruitment services you will find most useful.

It is really important that you sign a contract with your recruitment agency and agree to all terms upfront. Make sure you read all terms and conditions thoroughly, so you can gain a full understanding of them and what is expected of both parties. If you have any concerns at all, make sure they are addressed with the recruitment agency before you go ahead and sign up to anything.

What can a flat rate recruitment agency offer you? 

Often flat rate recruitment packages will be nice and simple, as this is their main selling point. You probably won’t be able to get quite as much support as you would if the agency was taking a percentage fee. However, the packages are very useful and give you more control over the process, because you will be able to look at all applicants and filter through CVs yourself. If you want some support in finding suitable job candidates, speak to your recruitment agency as they may be able to help you with this as well.

Often, fixed fee recruitment packages will be set up around adverts. You pay for the adverts, and these are written and managed professionally for you. There might also be some kind of package the recruitment agent uses that you will have access to, giving you more control over the way you look through CVs and find candidates. This will help you to have highly targeted ads that attract in the right people, making the whole process a lot easier for you. Many businesses have high success rates and find brilliant candidates this way.